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This site aims to serve as a collecting point for the sport of triathlon in our "303" community. We are not affiliated with any one group, organization, team or corporation. Our goal is to serve all multisport athletes in our region, which has become known as a triathlon mecca. Please send us your news, resource links, calendar events, and personal stories. And be sure to comment on our articles - together, we are an amazing community of dedicated athletes.

Dana Willett

Dana Willett - Managing Partner, Editor-in-Chief 303cycling, 303Triathlon:
With a long career of journalism, research and marketing experience, Dana Willett joined 303 in the spring of 2013 with a helmet full of ideas and enthusiasm. This late-in-life triathlete first entered the sport in 2007, fully equipped with swim floaties and training wheels. Since then she's progressed through the various distances, including a couple Ironman races, a handful of marathons, and now mountain biking. The sweet taste of a few small podiums, a few qualifications and decent rankings, and an honor here and there keep her coming back for more. She is motivated to attempt every tri in the state of Colorado, and is also racing XTERRA and loves jumping in on charity rides. Having been inspired and supported by the strong triathlon & cycling community in the Denver/Boulder area, Dana is committed to providing informative and encouraging cycling & triathlon news to all Colorado multisport athletes, including first-timers, pros, and everyone in between.

Jennifer Findley

Jennifer Findley - Partner, Assistant Editor
A resident of Boulder County since 1978, Jen started her career in multisport as a competitive swimmer in high school in the early '80's. She continued to swim on her own through college, and started swimming Master's in grad school (where she earned her MS in Kinesiology). Shortly after graduating in '94, she began running seriously and clocked her first half marathon at Canyonlands in Moab (not afraid of spontaneity, she registered for that effort same-day). A multiple marathon finisher, she has raced LA, Boston, New York and Pikes Peak. Her favorite foot race is the Aspen Golden Leaf, which is mostly single track from Snowmass to Aspen. She and her ice-climbing husband, Paul, enjoy the occasional Warrior Dash or Tough Mudder (with their four kids - 8, 12, 12, and 15 - cheering). She has raced the Boulder Peak tri three times now - in 1993 (placing first in her AG), and again in 2002 (when her twins were just six months old), and in July of 2014, where she placed in the top 10%. Since this official comeback, she has been cajoled into relays with fellow 303 staffers, and has her eyes on a few significant tri events for 2015.

Nicole Odell

Nicole Odell- Reppin' the 719
Nicole got started in triathlon through Team In Training in 2006 with the 5430 Sprint Triathlon and the 5430 Long Course in 2007. After a decade of training, teaching, and competing in taekwondo, triathlon helped her realize she was really all slow-twitch and made the transition to endurance sports. She was hooked on the swim-bike-run combo and in 2008 started coaching for Team In Training in Colorado Springs. Soon thereafter she became a USA Triathlon certified coach. Because she loves cycling a lot, she is also a USA Cycling certified coach. She tackled Ironman Arizona in 2011, and has coached athletes from sprint to Ironman distances, road and mountain bike races, including the Leadville 100 mountain bike race and other ultra-endurance cycling events. She is a past president of the Pikes Peak Triathlon Club and was on the board of Club Cafe Velo. In her “past life” she was a semiconductor engineer and has a Master’s degree in chemistry. You will rarely find her without a huge smile, as her philosophy is to enjoy every minute of life and help others do the same through endurance sports. She’s very excited to be "reppin’ the 719" here at 303Triathlon. And you might notice she also has a bit of a thing for chocolate cake...

Bill Plock

Bill Plock - Tri Hearter, Business Development/Sales Rep
Bill's first triathlon was in August of 2008 in Steamboat where he "wore a shortie waterski wetsuit that ballooned up like a raft and ran in grass stained running shoes from mowing the yard." But he loved the triathlon and five seasons later he has completed four Ironmans (Arizona twice, Cozumel and Canada). Bill is a member of the Carmichael Training Systems (CTS) triathlon team. His favorite local race is a toss up between the Lake to Lake, where he won his age group in 2012, or the Harvest Moon. Born and raised in Golden, he simply "loves Colorado and exploring it on my bike. Finding a new road to ride is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow." When he's not teaching indoor cycling at the Colorado Athletic Club and Denver Athletic club and leading outdoor rides this summer, he is a dad of beautiful 10 year old daughter, and always seeking the balance of training and spending time with family." Beginning in the fall of '14, Bill takes on the responsibility of Sales Rep for 303Tri. If you are interested in advertising on 303Triathlon.com, email Bill, or call him: 303-808-5851.

Khem Suthiwan

Khem Suthiwan - Business Development/Sales Rep
A Colorado resident since 2001, Khem grew up playing sports in school because they were fun, but often spent time warming up the bench. She got into running not too long after moving to Denver. After completing her first marathon, she realized that slow-twitch muscle events were her jam. She got started in triathlon through Team In Training in 2010 after completing several marathons with them and coaching their marathon teams. The Koolaid never tasted so good. After a few years of training and racing she was all in with swim-bike-run, finished her first 140.6 in 2012 (IRONMAN Canada-Penticton), and made a natural transition to coaching triathletes shortly after. In 2015, Khem was one of five athletes chosen nationwide with the Team in Training program to fundraise for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and race at the IRONMAN World Championships. Together with her teammates, they raised just over $300,000 combined. Awesome sauce! Since her epic day in Kona, she continues to be heavily involved with the triathlon community serving on the board for the Rocky Mountain Triathlon Club, coaching with Mile High Multisport, as a part-time fixture at TriBella, volunteering at various events, and now part of the 303 team. Before making the jump into a full-time career with triathlon, Khem worked in the oil and gas industry to fuel her love of this oh-so financially stimulating sport. If she's not racing, you'll often find her out supporting her friends out on the race course, and always with a big smile. During the off-season she enjoys hitting the slopes on powder days. Her favorite food group? Bacon!!

Kenny Withrow

Kenny Withrow
Kenny is an accomplished triathlete (as in kona-world-championships-accomplished)... Disciplined, ambitious, and charming as all get out. He and his fiance Sasha recently bought an RV and
have been living on the road, chasing down training venues in the warm south through the winter. Outside of competing in triathlons, Kenny is an accomplished videographer, and co-owns 5280 Elite, producing many inspirational and commercial projects. He is a regular contributor to 303, and will be joining the Kona team once

Will Murray

Will Murray
Will Murray is a USA Triathlon Level 1 coach specializing in mental conditioning, working with beginners to olympians. He is a USA Triathlon All-American, six-time Ironman finisher and co-author, with Craig Howie, of The Four Pillars of Triathlon: Vital Mental Conditioning for Endurance Athletes.

Marty Rosenthal

Marty Rosenthal - Mind over Marty
A relatively "newbie" to the world of triathlons, Marty has been actively involved in sports his entire life. It is a debatable fact that his first word was "Mets." After a lifetime of predominate contact team sports, he woke up one morning in late October '10 and decided to run a marathon. After ten weeks of training on a treadmill in the middle of a Steamboat winter, Marty ran his first Marathon in January '11 in Arizona. The following three years he participated in over ten half-marathons and four marathons. Marty began wondering what was next, and in May '13 he decided to enter an Ironman competition. With no real road biking experience to speak of and not knowing how to do anything in the water but the doggy paddle and surfing, Marty had some skill sets to conquer. Seven months later in Dec '13 he crossed the finish line at IM Cozumel. He went on to complete his 2nd Ironman in Boulder in August '14, and in November '14 he took flight with his traditional "flying to the finish" in Ironman Fortaleza, Brazil for the trifecta. This "Newbie" finished three IM competitions in 11 months! In addition to his blog, The Book of Marty, he has written a few articles for 303 Triathlon about this journey and recently joined the crew to do so in his column, "Mind over Marty" - wide-eyed and open to the possibilities and experiences that triathlon will bring into his life and the people that will touch his soul along the way.

Sasha Underwood

Sasha Underwood - ParaTri & Off-Road
In her early 20’s Sasha quit smoking because her son was struggling with asthma, and she decided to start running to fill her time. She didn’t own a pair of running shoes, and headed to Famous Footwear to pick out “something cute.” Not wanting her feet to look big, she bought a ½ size small. In her new shoes, mesh shorts and cotton t-shirt, she set out but couldn’t run more than a block without being winded. Undaunted, she started running from tree to tree, then two trees, an entire block, and then “whole, entire miles.” This led to her first 5k, and her first marathon a year later. A similar determination led her to swimming, and triathlon, completing her first tri at Memphis in May in 2009. True to her nature, she didn’t stop there and signed up for Boulder 70.3 a few months later, and then Ironman Arizona in 2010 (she has since finished three fulls). Around 2010 she also started guiding blind athletes, saying, “It is one of the neatest experiences to be able to support and guide an athlete across the finish line; allowing them to overcome obstacles, achieve goals and open up opportunities of friendship, athleticism, and new experiences.” A Colorado native, she is actively involved in the refugee community. Sasha also loves anything outdoors, including snowboarding with her son, mountain biking, scuba diving, and an occasional microbrew or glass of wine with friends.

Erin Trail

Erin Trail
Erin is an engineer, beer nerd, and a 5th generation Colorado native who never imagined that she would be a triathlete. She is a life-long swimmer and her first experience in triathlon was as a swimmer in a relay in 2006. She didn't own a bike and joked that she would only run if she was being chased by something. She did her first sprint triathlon (on a borrowed bike) in 2008 and was hooked. Since then she's done many 70.3s, 3 IMs, the Disney Dopey Challenge, and is now branching out into the world of Xterra (and has the scars to show for it). Erin also works with several organizations to promote women's cycling, with the goal of encouraging beginners to get out and ride and and gain the confidence to race. Erin is a USAT Level I coach and President of Altitude Multisport Club. When she's not out swimbikerunning, you'll find her on the ski slopes, camping, fishing (but not catching anything) or drinking beers with her husband and Iron-Sherpa Will.

Kirsten McCay Smith

Kirsten McCay Smith
Kirsten is slightly obsessed with triathlon, plant-based eating, personal growth, her dog Joey, and anything pink. She did her first triathlon (a shorter than sprint distance) in 1999 and has been an addict ever since. She loves to do crazy things with her friend Wendy like run a marathon on a track or a treadmill, and swim to bring in the New Year, like 16,000 for 2016. Her greatest athletic accomplishments are qualifying for Kona in Lake Tahoe, racing in Kona in 2014, running 7 marathons in 7 days in 7 states, swimming Horsetooth 10K, and convincing her husband that this won’t go on forever! She is a Lifestyle Entrepreneur who will do anything for money in order to pay for her expensive hobby and live the life of her dreams.

Phillip Lemmons

Phillip Lemmons - Collegiate Rep
For the majority of his collegiate career, Phillip - a senior at the University of Colorado at Boulder - was sidelined by a knee injury. Five surgeries later he was cleared to resume activity and promptly joined the University of Colorado Triathlon team. With three triathlons behind him, his passion for the sport of triathlon and the life that inevitably accompanies it cannot be overstated. Unsurprisingly, Phillip is incredibly indecisive and is currently pursuing a degree in Economics and Cellular Biology. When not at a team workout, studying, or eating at Chipotle, Phillip can often be found in the pool working on his many swim weaknesses or enjoying all that beautiful Boulder has to offer. Looking to the future, he aspires to complete an Ironman during the 2016 season and attend medical school.

From the Cycling side:

Founder, Kris Thompson

Kris Thompson - Founder - Kris has spent his entire life on two wheels from hours upon hours of dirt bike riding on a family farm in Missouri to BMX Freestyle, Mountain Biking, Road, Track, Downhill and his favorite, Cyclocross. Outside of competition he enjoys hill climbs and Ride the Rockies along with his new love of Downhilling at Winter Park. A software engineer designing mobile apps by day and 303Cycling manager by night (and day). Would love to do some longer bike tours in Colorado and abroad, especially in Germany since Kris is fluent in German. Favorite thing about 303Cycling? Connection people with useful information, the more we know the strong our community can become.

David Kuticpal - Partner

David Kutcipal - Photo Credit: SportifImages

David Kutcipal can say he's been in the cycling industry since 1994 when he moved here from Chicago and took a job with Schwinn, in IT of course. After years (and years) of abusing his body running marathons, ultras and 24 hour races, he got on a bike to save himself. He started racing bikes in 2003 and has enjoyed road, cyclocross and MTB. His interest in photography began as an interest in the then new digital technology. Soon after he discovered he had a talent for it. In addition to his cycling photography he has photographed sporting events ranging from his son's soccer to international polo matches. He has also started to show some of his portrait and nature photography locally. He is excited to head back to his home state of Michigan this Fall for his first MTB race in years, The Iceman. And like Kris, 303Cycling gives him the chance to geek out both on bikes and the computer.

Cheri Felix

Cheri Felix
Cheri rides mountain bikes and lately has become cross curious. She has three kids, one dog, one bearded dragon and a husband. When she’s not taking care of her family she’s riding, planning a ride or writing about riding. Cheri’s passion is spreading the good word about riding on dirt and how it can change your life. She also likes beer which is not a requirement to ride bikes. You can follow Cheri on Twitter @mtnbikechic

Cheri's recent articles

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