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UC Boulder seeking well-trained cyclists, triathletes for VO2max study


The Applied Exercise Science Lab at the University of Colorado Boulder is seeking well trained female cyclists (category 3 or greater) and triathletes (USAtriathalon license) aged 18-42 who are currently training more than 8 hours per week to participate in a study investigating factors that influence VO2max...

2016 Boulder Underpants Run!

The Boulder Underpants Run is an event that follows in the tradition of the Kona UPR, and serves as a precursor to IRONMAN Boulder. It takes place Friday August 5th at 6:00PM (please arrive 5:15-5:30). We start at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art on 13th between Arapahoe and Canyon - starting and finishing right at the IRONMAN finish line...

Friday Fun: The Secret Lives of Trisexuals


From Elevation Outdoors

Do you have enough love in your heart, and gear in your closet, to crush three sports at once?

Who are those hairless wonders we see biking and running around, still emblazoned with race numbers etched on their over-sunned, über-lean bodies, wearing nothing more than skimpy bikini bathing suits (regardless of gender) and compression wear over their lower legs, triceps and just about every other visible muscle?


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