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Tri Coach Tuesday: Acupuncture?


What sorts of body maintenance do you commit to in order to train and race the way you want? Massage and yoga are pretty common.

What about acupuncture? Lots of folks have issues with “needles” or hesitant to be a “pin cushion”. Personally, I love it. It gives me a chance to lay there and relax for an hour and I almost always have some immediate relief. I find that I have my best training sessions or races 2-3 days after a session.

USAT Coach Sandy Bikus recommends athletes consider adding it to their maintenance program.

Boulder's Sam Long takes 2nd as "Rookie" at XTERRA Beaver Creek



Long, fastest run XTERRA Beaver Creek

Boulder's newest pro triathlete, 20-year-old Sam Long, is tearing it up on the race scene. He landed solid second place finishes at XTERRA Beaver Creek and then Ironman 70.3 Calgary just one week later.

Just before Calgary he posted, "I love where triathlon is taking me, the limits it is helping me push, and the self actualization it is bringing..."

Tri Boulder Race Report by Kirsten Smith


On July 4th the Colorado triathlon community learned of a terrible accident which resulted in a local Boulder resident and BBSC (the company who put on this race) employee, Craig Towler, losing both his legs. This race was the first one that Craig could not be a part of since he joined the company in 2012.

I (as well as many others I imagine) had this on my mind when I got to the Boulder Res on race morning. I was reminded not only to be grateful for my body and all it does, but also for the triathlon community I have been involved with since my first sprint triathlon in 1999. Craig's "Go Fund Me" page has raised over $100,000 for him and his recovery. I have read all 1,400 comments from donaters and many didn't even know who he was but are part of our generous and supportive triathlon community...

Message to all BAM Open Water Participants


From Boulder Aquatic Masters (BAM):

Last Saturday a gentleman came to swim the BAM Boulder Reservoir Swim.
After exiting the water he got distracted talking to a friend and forgot to check out.
He subsequently took off on his bike for a long training ride.
This was an honest mistake; he simply forgot to check out.

Unfortunately this “mistake” turned into a major incident for BAM & the City of Boulder...


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