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Carter Lake Crossing Event Recap


Mountain Swim Series and Race Directors Geoff and Kim Hawksworth, have come a long way in the past two years since they began their OWS series in Colorado. The events are a great way to put your open water swimming skills to the test and to challenge your self to longer swim distances out side of your typical triathlon swims.

Recovering from injury, local athlete, Wendy McMillan, challenged herself and registered to do the Carter Lake Crossing.

See what she thought.

Learning to Swim with Erin Hansel Part II


There's something about not being able to breathe when ever you want that seems to make swimming that much harder than running or cycling, or maybe most any other sport.

So many people learn to swim as a kid. But, as an adult, wife, mother, accomplished coach and athlete, Cheri Felix is learning to swim. It may be her biggest challenge yet.


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